In Search of Spirit

The Batten Gale Spiritualist Trust

"When you die and depart this world you will begin a new life in a place like the one in which you now live, surrounded by people exactly like yourself. This this is the simple fact and the result of an evolutionary process​ which started at the beginning of time and will end only when you have completed a journey of going from one place to another, each designed by yourself; no one to shift the blame or give thanks to; not to your parents, not society, not God, only yourself; and you have total control over the outcome. This realization is the greatest opportunity you will ever have. It is your chance at true happiness. If you can gain an understanding of this then Spiritualism has done its job." 

"If anyone is unacquainted with Spiritualist philosophy, they could surely do no better than begin with this book" Graham Jennings, Two Worlds magazine.

Al's new book is available through SDU Publications

The Batten Gale Spiritualist Trust is a not-for-profit corporation formed in 2007 by Albert and Beverley Batten to honour the memory of past generations of the Batten and Gale families and their service to Spiritualism.  

Our Mission ..... is to be of service to the Spiritualist community.

Our Vision ..... is a greater understanding of individual value and our relationship to the Spiritual Universe

Our Mandate .....

- Protect the core values, philosophy, and Principles of Spiritualism​

- Provide educational opportunities for the development of mediumship skills within Spiritualism

- Provide spiritual resources for healing the sick

- Promote charitable causes in accordance with the Second Principle particularly as they apply to the   needs of children

Board of Directors

Albert Batten, Chairman

Beverley J. Batten, Secretary/Treasurer

Ellen M. Johnson, Auditor/Financial Advisor

Minister Steven D. Upton, Honorary Director, Spiritual Advisor

We invite you to explore our website; if you have any questions contact us at: [email protected]