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Early in the 20th century two families of Spiritualists from Yorkshire and Lancashire, the Gales and the Battens, emigrated from England to Canada at different times and, as fate would have it, both settled in the city of Hamilton, Ontario and amazingly were to come together as members of The East Hamilton Spiritual Church.

Alice Gale, matriarch of the Gale family, was the guardian of her two grandchildren Gladys and Thomas and in 1918 was a founding member of the East Hamilton Church.

Harry T. Batten was a prominent physical and healing medium who, prior to moving to Canada in 1925, hosted a well known home circle in Bolton, England which produced results that included materialization and spirit photography. He was a colleague of the British Lyceumist, Alfred Kitson, and together they founded the Bolton District Lyceum Council with the direct support of Andrew Jackson Davis (click on Spiritualism). After moving to Canada in 1925 with his wife Dorothy, also an accomplished medium, and their six children he eventually became President of the East Hamilton church and was also a founding member of the Spiritualists National Union of Canada; he was ordained in 1931. One of his sons, Albert, was to join the two families together with his marriage to Gladys Gale,1934.

Albert and Gladys continued their work in Spiritualism through the church and the SNU with Albert serving as church President, lecturer, healer, Lyceum conductor and SNU Board member for over 75 years. He also served the Lily Dale Assembly for over 20 years as Vice President, Board member, and Chairman of the Auditorium and Thought Exchange.

Al Batten is the product of this union and together with his wife Bev are continuing this generational commitment to Spiritualism with particular interest in preserving its' core values and philosophy, and with a special dedication to Trance Healing. To this end, they have established the Batten Gale Spiritualist Trust in memory of their ancestors and dedicated it to the advancement of Spiritualism. Al and Bev lecture, teach, conduct workshops and offer Trance Healing privately and at churches in Canada, the United States and Great Britain. Al has also authored three books on Spiritualism; "Love and Progress" followed by "The Third Helix", and most recently "The Philosophy of Spiritualism, It's Origins and History". For further information please click on "Services Offered".