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Trance Healing - The Passive Process

Personal Background

In November of 2004 Bev and I were traveling to England to conduct a workshop at the Bolton Spiritualist Church and while planning the trip we were drawn to the Arthur Findlay College at Stansted, Essex in the hopes of finding a educational opportunity to enhance our capabilities. We have always been fascinated with the process of trance and, since I lecture frequently I was drawn to a Trance Speaking course and, since Bev is a contact healing medium, we also booked a Trance Healing course organized by SNU Minister Steven Upton. Little were we to know that this decision would be a life altering moment for us, leading us into a life of trance healing or more accurately Spirit Healing for healing energies from God through the love of Spirit are the true agents in this process. Trance in itself achieves nothing; it is only a way of establishing a level of attunement with our colleagues in the Spirit World.

Minister Steven Upton

Steven Upton is a Minister of the Spiritualist National Union in Great Britain and has been a practioner of healing mediumship since 1977 with a widespread reputation in the UK and Europe ( In 1995 whilst teaching at the Arthur Findlay College an event took place that completely changed the direction in which his mediumship was developing, or in his own words "stagnating". He was asked to do a demonstration of trance healing. When stating that he did not do trance healing, he was told by the course organiser, Judith Seaman MSNU, that he did trance and that he did healing, so put the two together and do trance healing. That demonstration has become what Steven refers to as a "life changing event" Over the years since then, he has become a leading exponent and teacher of trance healing and is the person we look to for our continuing process of education both at the Arthur Findlay College ( and the new educational venue developed by Steven, his wife Stella and SNU Minister Judith Seaman, Spiritual Developments Unlimited at Cober Hill near Scarborough in England. We encourage anyone who has a serious interest in healing or other forms of mediumship to investigate these opportunities.SNU Minister Steven Upton

The Passive Process of Trance Healing

Trance healing involves three components: Spirit, a medium and a patient. It is a passive process, as opposed to the active process of contact healing, allowing Spirit and the power of God's love direct access to the medium through whom specific healing energies are then directed to where ever needed in the patient. It is a very natural process which can affect the human form on many levels; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.    

The premise of this process is that when invited to do so, the force of God's love and healing power can flow through the mind and aura of one individual to another. The human brain is a physical vessel which houses the mind and within the human mind there are three levels of consciousness: the conscious mind, the sub conscious and super conscious If we can abandon our conscious mind we leave space for Spirit and the Divine Force of God's love to enter our mind and aura then direct this healing power to the mind and aura of another individual It is a very simple process for all we do as healing mediums is achieve a level of attunement with Spirit and supply the mind for this to take place; it is a form of mental mediumship, no physical contact is necessary. Quite naturally, as with all forms of mediumship, the relationship between the medium and the Spirit intermediaries can have a direct and proportionate influence on the effectiveness of the process.

There are no guarantees nor claims to a cure for any condition; all human conditions are subject to the forces of Natural Law, but there have been significant results reported by a wide variety of treated patients (see reports below). Nor is Spirit Healing a substitute for traditional medical practices; it is complimentary process which attempts to address the causes of a problem rather than the symptoms

"I saw my consultant late on Friday and was advised that the latest special scan showed that the tumour has shrunk,they have said it has become a fatty lump only and is no longer a threat, many many thanks for all your help, particularly as the Doctors were writing me off!" R.H.

“I had a call from ……………..who you were kind enough to give a healing session to when you were here. She had been to the hospital yesterday for her follow - up examination……… they told her that the results were a bit baffling, as they were all negative, she required no further treatment, and no chemotherapy!” 

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