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Mediumship is a process of attuning the human mind to an altered state of consciousness permitting accessibility to that mind by those who live in the Spirit World thus enabling them to communicate with those who live in the Natural World. The level of attunement and the relationship between the medium and the Spirit communicator will have a direct and proportionate bearing on the effectiveness and method of the communication. The medium can initiate the process of attunement but the desire to communicate, the method of communication, and the chosen recipient will always come from the mind on the other side. A medium does not have the ability to selectively establish a linkage with any particular Spirit.

There are three basic categories of mediumship: Physical, Healing, Mental

Physical Mediumship

Physical mediumship can, depending on the nature of the phenomena, take years to develop and is not too commonly demonstrated in today's environment. It is a process whereby, with practice, a medium can permit their mind to achieve a state which permits Spirit intelligence to control the medium, mentally and physically, to such an extent that they can produce physical evidence of their presence. The phenomena produced is totally objective and not subject to interpretation; everyone present will witness the same thing; including the physical manifestation of a Spirit form or more commonly known as "materialization" (see note) through the production of a substance called ectoplasm, transfiguration of facial features, levitation of the body or other objects, direct voice projection, trance speaking, automatic writing, Spirit painting, or the physical production of objects, commonly called "apports". 

Note: The phenomena of materialization has always been the subject of great debate since it has so often been subjected to fraud but those who claim to have actually witnessed it have no doubts that is emanates from the Spirit World. Others are of the opinion that it may not be from the Spirit World but could possibly be the result of the medium through the shear force of their mind, constructing an external image of something which already exists in their subconscious. The great British investigator of physical phemonena, Sir Willliam Crookes proved that the phenomena was "real" but he could not prove its "source". It is something that should always be put to the test of objectivity.

Healing Mediumship

This is, perhaps, the most divine form of mediumship and among the great forces of Spiritualism. It is the process of healing the sick through physical contact, the "laying on of hands", or absent healing through the power of prayer. It is inspirational mediumship in its' purest form with the active mind of a medium mentally connecting with Spirit forces who transfer vital healing energy to a patient through the conscious mind of the medium.

Mental Mediumship

There are two categories of mental mediumship:

1. Perception - The purpose of this type of mediumship is to provide evidence of survival and is usually manifested in any of three ways, all of which are subjective and dependent on the interpretation of the medium. 

  • Clairvoyance or clear seeing: the ability to see Spirit through what is known as "the third eye". 
  • Clairaudience or clear hearing: the ability to hear the voice of Spirit.
  • Clairsentience or intuitiveness: the ability to sense the presence of Spirit and interpret the message or symbols they are trying to bring.

2. Control, more commonly known as "trance" is a condition whereby the medium has developed the ability to allow the mind of a Spirit person to blend with their own to such an extent that they can assume a degree of control over the medium. Since it is through the mind, the medium through their subconscious mind will to some degree always influence the results; the more developed the medium the closer will be the linkage and the more a Spirit person can influence the outcome. It serves many different purposes including the various types of physical phenomena such as trance speaking, automatic writing, painting, etc. 

It also introduces a different level of healing called Trance Healing, a process which allows Spirit doctors to use specific energies to a degree that is not possible in the normal state of consciousness nor through the process of contact healing. (click on (Healing)