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Services Offered

Church Services

Al is available to provide the philosophical address at church services and Bev for demonstrations of evidential communication with Spirit. Please contact us for available dates.


Trance Healing Workshop - one or two day formats

In the interests of furthering the awareness and benefits of Trance Healing by Spirit, Al has undertaken specialized training at The Arthur Findlay College to teach trance healing and has developed these workshops based on their models. We have developed a one day basic introductory workshop as well as a two day venue for those who have a more active interest. A shorter demonstration component is also available for larger groups. These are available to churches and other organizations who may have an interest in providing this opportunity to their members.

Philosophy Workshop - seminar or half and full day formats

As a 4th generation Spiritualist, Al has a particular interest in preserving and teaching the core values and philosophy of Spiritualism and has developed different educational programs which are available to churches and other organizations. Seminars are available to facilitate Question and Answer sessions on various themes and to facilitate workshops that provide in-depth analyses and instruction in all elements of Spiritualism's evolution and philosophy. Workshops are available in either half or full day programs. Longer seminars are available for more advanced programs.

Auragraph Workshop - full day format

An Auragraph is an inspirational drawing by a medium who uses their psychic ability and a connection with the Spirit World to access the information which goes into its’ makeup. It is used to provide a perspective of an individual’s pathway in life and their potential future through the interpretation of colours, symbols and numerology. A workshop setting will provide students with the basic tools to understand this skill. An Auragraph reading will very often provide insight into a person's personal psychic and spiritual abilities and provide guidance to help them fulfill their potential. Bev is available to conduct workshops and for private readings.

Evidential Mediumship 101 - full day format

This one day workshop is conducted by Bev and designed for those who have little or no experience as well as those with some experience who wish to get back to the basics of mediumship and reinforce their connection with Spirit. This is an opportunity to learn the distinctiveness of true evidence and develop an understanding of the mechanics involved in communicating with the Spirit World. The day is devoted to guiding students through the process of achieving a higher level of consciousness and opening the senses to new levels of awareness and understanding.

Private Sittings/Appointments

Trance Healing - Bev and Al are available for private Trance Healing appointments, either at our Carrying Place location or elsewhere. There is no charge for this service except for direct expenses if travel is required, however donations are accepted on behalf of The Trust's Charity Partners. We also offer Absent Healing for those unable to arrange personal appointments. Please e-mail a photograph via .jpeg format along with the name and phone number or send by regular mail.

Auragraph Readings - An Auragraph reading will very often provide insight into a person's personal psychic and spiritual abilities and provide guidance to help them fulfill their potential. Bev is available for private readings; contact her for further details.

Experiments in Mediumship

All forms of mediumship are an experiment. When a medium opens their mind to allow Spirit intelligence to blend with it, the results can vary widely according to a variety of factors including; the closeness of the link, mutual trust, the purpose of our Spirit colleagues, and the skills of the medium. There is no expectation of what might transpire.

Evidential Communication - Communication with Spirit involves three components: a Spirit person, a medium, and the recipient. It is a three way conversation which should provide evidence that the communicating Spirit has survived beyond their earthly life and is still alive and well, there is no death and life goes on. It is usually accompanied by a brief message that has special meaning only to the recipient. Evidence may take the form of a description of the person as they existed on earth, a special memory or a piece of information which is known only to the recipient; it should remove all doubt about the identity of the Spirit communicator. Compare the process to receiving an anonymous email message; would you accept it or would you delete it? Bev is available for demonstations of evidential communication in group settings.

Trance Speaking - Trance Speaking is the process of a Spirit person blending with the mind of a medium and using the medium to talk to others for the purpose of sharing philosophical views which may be their own or, more usually, representative of a collective group of minds in the Spirit World. It can also be interactive with the opportunity to address questions of a philosophical nature directly to the Spirit communicator. Al is available for experimental trance speaking demonstrations. 

Trance Communication - Trance Communication differs from Evidential Communication in that it is a two way conversation between the Spirit person who uses the medium to speak directly with a recipient rather than the medium relaying the information. It is a more personal method of communication and is also the most experimental. Al is available to demonstrate this process to groups who may be exploring trance or are involved in development circles.

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